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October Glossybox; Trick or Treat?

This month Glossybox had a really fun theme, they came up with two boxes (Treat or Trick) inspired by Halloween. You receive the Trick or a Treat, both boxes are packed with amazing makeup items with a combined worth of over £65. Both of the boxes are completely cruelty-free and are packed with 4 full sized makeup item and 1 skincare item.  I love the fun design and spin on this special edition boxes. As we know, Halloween inspires loads of creativity and it is evident in this months edition.  What is in the box?I received a complimentary "Treat" box, thanks to Glossybox. You get a card that details the retail cost of all the items and a description of what they are and what they are meant for. It also reveals a cheeky little hint of what to expect in the November Glossybox.... drum roll, please! A Huda Beauty liquid lipstick worth £18. If that doesn't peak your interest then I don't know what will.  In this box, you get a full-sized eyeshadow palette, Luxe highlighter …


I was feeling uninspired, in a funk and just generally blah for a few months and this was due to the fact that most the big makeup brands we all know and love were not putting out exciting products. We were seeing the same products just repackaged in fancier packaging, nothing new and exciting on the scene. I really wanted to experience new innovations so for the last few months, I have had the privilege of trying out different UK indie beauty brands.  In this post, I will share a few of the ones that are making a positive impact in the beauty industry, no matter how small. 
What is an indie brand I hear you ask?
The answer is in the name really, an indie brand is an independently owned brand/ business or retailer that doesn't rely on or is not backed by any corporation. Most times the start-up money comes from the owner/retailers pockets. 

In no particular order, here are my top 4 indie UK brands you should check out...
1: LapaigetrendsThis is a black-owned makeup brand that celebrate…

Euniquebeauty matte liquid lipstick swatches and review| Woman of Colour Friendly (WOC) and affordable

I had the pleasure of trying out 7 of Euniquebeauty's matte liquid lipsticks. They are vegan-friendly and crueltyty free. Euniquebeauty is a blackowned UK brand that sells hand made makeup products like eyeshadows, pressed glitters, highlighters and liquid lipsticks. The matte liquid lipsticks come in a total of 16 shades, each one retails for £7.99. Click on the poster above to watch the live lipswatch and review.  Matte liquid lipsticks swatchedThe images below can be used for reference when purchasing the lipsticks. I also recommend you watch the lipswatch video and review so you understand how these liquid lipsticks perform. Matte liquid lipstick formulas are the most versertile to work with because you can wear them in the matte finish and also in a semi-matte, glossy finsih (by adding gloss on top or vaseline as a base). 

Are you a matte or gloss lover? comment your favorite shades and which other shades you would like me to swatch. Thank you Euniquebeauty for sending me all t…

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